À Rebours

Degree Show, Chelsea College of Arts, 2021

Blue Light Filter, 9 hour video, played daily. Monitor speakers playing electro magnetic signals of local wifi router, 4:04 minutes, looped. Taxidermy rat, Tabasco sauce, 3D scanned and printed rock, Space Blanket, televisions, cables.


Blue light is essential for wakefulness. It stimulates melanopsin receptors in the eye suppressing melatonin, which is essential for sleep. Blue light is emitted by the sun, from fluorescent lights and from the screens of phones and laptops. In their ubiquity and necessity, they disrupt circadian rhythms, wakefulness employed at constant rate. A post-industrial blue light moves against nature, a discrete presence informed by a sleepless absence of boredom.


Blue light becomes an object, an affecting presence, an object interacting with other objects and beings whether or not the human is present or aware.

Interactions, between the human and non-human, the object and the object. Through an attempt to create strangenesses and dislocations intend to amplify intensities that exist between objects. Their failures, their imperceptible yet concrete effects, their constant presence.