i <3 your output

Collaborative Installation, greengrassi, London, 03.03 - 14.04.22

With David Musgrave, Beatrice Vorster and Anna Clegg.

Audio mix arranged for six speakers, 03:05:18, looped. Monitor speakers, Apple Earpods, archive boxes, Genelec subwoofer, cables, Eventide Harmonizer H910 (Imagined) MKII, stickers, Lambda plushie.

Arranged interventions from Sung Tieu, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and Lawrence English.

‘i <3 your output coincides with the publication of David Musgrave’s novel Lambda, a surveillance dystopia set in an eerily familiar present. The show will explore the aesthetics of non-performance, object-made music, online self-surveillance, and the fragile utopia embodied by the music platform
SoundCloud. It will include a continuous programme of audio material and a selection of ephemera created by Anna Clegg, Elliot Jeffries and Beatrice Vorster, with special contributions from Lawrence English, Atau Tanaka, David Toop, Kinn and others. Stickers and printed material, including an essay to accompany an imaginary CD, will evoke a semi-fictional world of music production and reception, one which, like the audio, periodically converges with events and characters in Lambda. The show will also have an iteration on the greengrassi home page.’ - New Exhibitions