Co-Curated Group Exhibition, SET Woolwich, London, 02.02-08.02.23

Curated with Jarek Kubacki and Dylan Serventi.

Featuring Ellie Antoniou, Alvaro Samuel Castro, Livia Harper, Elliot Jeffries,
Rose Jenson-Banner, Jarek Kubacki,
Luke Parry, Inigo Roberts, Dylan Serventi, Beatrice Vorster, Youn Yunlong

Outpainting takes its name from the pro-cess of artificially generating an outside.An image expanded from its original contents, space synthesised, bleeding back towards its memesis. Leakage as pictorial ecosystem. Bringing together a group of emerging artists, Outpainting creates an expanded field of generation and mutation, works shifting in and out of meat and screen space. Objects as contamination, memetic qualities of the invasive and atomizing drone of high-frequency newsfeed, dopamine dependency, attention deficit and post-lexia. Society at saturation point, the virtual body as a dishonest implant yet familiar memory.

Works -

SSEC, 2023. Anglebead studwall, existing glass office divider. Arranged with
H910. Steel, felt.

System 55 (Main Cabinet and Upper Cabinet), VCS 3, MS20. Wood, felt.

SSEC takes its name and dimensions from an earlier IBM computer installed in an ex-shoe shop in New York city where the computer contributed to making calculations and simulations for the Hydrogen Bomb in full view of the american public.

Inside sit an array of vintage computers wrapped in felt. Their forms attributed to various influencial early synthesisers that have contributed to seminal works of popular music.

Sensor, 2023. Moog Theremini, ratchet

A Moog Theremini hangs above the entrance to the site measuring and sounding a unique tone for each individual entering the space.

Your Breath (Bifurication), 2023. Smoke machine, audio sensitive strobe light, boundary microphone, amplifiers. 

In an inaccesible space filled with stage
smoke, sounds from the exhibition are
re-rendered causing a reaction from a sensory device.