sleep/no sleep

Solo Exhbition
Coups Contemporary, London, 19.01 -

Works -

Earth Work, 2023. Magic Ice Melt SPP 100.

, 2023. 15 second sampled video loop, LED display panel, 25.6x25.6cm.

Hoarding, 2023. Ply, timber, Go Away Green paint, hinges. Dimensions Variable.

44/48, 1/6, 17/22, 1/17
(left to right), 2023. CNC routed ply, Go Away Green paint, 25.6x25.6.

Place (1-9), 2023. Ply, twin wall, fixings, inkjet on fine art paper.

The room is split in two by construction site hoarding, painted in Go Away Green, a blanket term for a series of colours used by Disney to disguise parts of their park’s infrastructure.

A single panel from an LED video wall plays a small fragment of an advert playing concurrently at Piccadilly Circus, lighting the space.

The floor is covered with Magic Ice Melt SPP 100, a synthetic salt used by railways combative of icy platforms in low temperatures. This specific adaptation of salt does not impair the rail itself as a standard grit might.

From the hoarding hang a series of panels, also painted in Go Away Green. Their surface texture reveal bump maps of artificially generated images of speculative transient places; lobbies, metro stations, offices, concourses.

A tone that shifts between 50 and 60hz, the hum of the electricity grid, rings out intermittently.

In the space behind the hoarding hang similar photographic prints, artificially generated places. Mounted on plywood they are flanked by twin wall polycarbonate and lit by fluorescent bulbs.

A tone of 110hz, a frequency that alters the love and language centres of the brain, rings out.